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Color Me Urban is a charitable organization based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, who's mission is to enable Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Innovators to succeed; creating lasting opportunities to build Black and Brown communities by means of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development. We are a Launchpad and Sustainer for vital stages of growth, and provide a new approach economic change. 
Elevate a business or project. Take your endeavor to the next level.

Build a comprehensive business canvas. Navigate the nuances of  management. 
​Gain access to new customers and robust opportunities for growth. 

​Connect with seasoned professionals who provided mentorship and guidance. 

Residency Program:

The Color Me Urban Residency Program works to facilitate both an incubation and sustainment model to elevate the endeavors of the communities it serves. Residents receive innovative tools, free access to programs and services, mentorship, and a robust long-term strategic backing to highlight their entrepreneurial projects.

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